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This is the one of the most pre dominate feature of the village economic and its plays a vital role in beginning about economic self sufficiently in rural population in the project area the tribal are not aware of the importance of indigenous sustainable agricultural method and also lack of water leads them to in sufficient harvest most of the lands owned lie as waste land due to uneven land pattern organization was laid on creative of Rain water harvesting structure along with capacity building intervention of farmers through extending support to promote seeds banks. As a result to the above efforts it has been notice that the agricultural of land of the farmers is increase. They could be able to run off water for the harvesting season. Reduced top soil erosion and created water bodies in the programme village of Organization.


Cultural activities IS the major programme of organization. Series of meeting,training, workshop etc organized by our team to develop caracity building and improvement of culture and awareness message spread to society related to different Govt. Scheme and others traditional art and culture. Every year organization celebrates different Govt. scheme And others traditional art and culture. Every year organization celebrates different functional related to cultural by the assistance of Deptt. of Culture. During this year our organization attend the Nadia Parwan — 2019 at Krushna Nagar, Kolkatta and awarded by the All India Folk Festival.


In the process of rural poverty alleviation one should empower the unalterable section that is women. In fact the burden of inequitable development would seem to be disproportional shouldered by women in house hold and also at community level. It has been recognized and serious efforts are being made to increase the statuesque of women socio-economic and politically which intimately leads there positive development formation of strength thinking women organization at various levels in the community is the prime programme of the reporting period. The main aim of these organizational building is to create an environment for women of the project area to growth in their own fashion.


To build up a healthy society everybody thinks about a healthy family. These families are to be taken care on the health point of view, so various measures have been taken up by out Govt. to build up a healthy family. The projects like population controls, STD, RTI, RCH, now being implemented in our society but in the villages the people are not aware about his programmes. In order to rich with the people, we organize various :amp of family welfare and discussed in details about the various aspects of 'amity health. The problems and solutions have been discussed and teach the vomen groups of the society regarding the health hazards and its bad impact in their body if they will not concuss.


This is the major concern of WESTERN ODISHA FOLKSY RENOVATION COUNCIL, ODISHA since its inception. WESTERN ODISHA FOLKSY RENOVATION COUNCIL. ODISHA initiated its economic programs with more concentration on women economic empowerment with definite objectives. In its tenure of life it formed and strengthened around fifly groups and approximately 230 nos. of women were involved in it.Promotion of SHGs particularly women groups are leading towards women's economic liberation. In the process regular meetings have been organized to enhance the membership of the groups Series of capacity building programs were organized to enhance functional skills of the groups so that they could effectively manage the ventures. Series attempts were made to channelize loan to the groups.

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